24 August 2011

Gutting It Out

Rather quiet much of the past few days here. I did have a chat Thursday night (18 Aug.) with others on the Naturally Autistic Radio crew, just staying on top of things. Generally, things with the radio shows are going well right now.

Late last week, I had hoped to hear back on the temp job I was up for, but nothing came up. Not until early Monday afternoon, when the agency asked me to start right away. I thought I had to go into the client's office, but instead the client emailed me (through the agency) a brochure for me to proofread and turn back that day. I got it taken care of in short order. I'm hoping to get on to the rest of the assignment soon, just as soon as the agency hears back from the client.

I am still bothered by pain in my lower abdomen when I put pressure on that area (as in bending over). Despite that, I was able to get in my game assignments last weekend. Saturday night, I worked three small sided (8-a-side and 9-a-side) boys' games as part of a two-man crew. No problems. (The only difficulty was making sure we had crews on both fields; there was a mix-up when three of us thought we were on the same field, but it was resolved before the games started.) Sunday afternoon, I worked two under-14 girls' matches (one in the middle, the other on the line). They were early season matches and they were fine. Monday night, I attended the monthly in-service referee clinic, where we discussed what assessors look for in evaluating referees during matches.

Last night, I ran the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. We planned next month's general and business meetings and discussed other club business. More to come on the latter in due course.

I do have a doctor's appointment for this Monday to look over that pain. Hopefully, it's nothing much that can't be cured soon.


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