17 August 2011

Some Good Despite Some Uncertainty

My games this past weekend (13-14 Aug.) went well. I had three youth games Saturday afternoon and no real problems. I did feel a bit sore in my lower abdomen, from a pulled muscle, but otherwise no ill effects. Sunday morning, I took and passed my referee fitness test. I covered about 2100 meters on the 12-minute run, which was 3000 more than the minimum for my age and grade. I also passed the 50-meter sprint (about 8.5 seconds, 1 faster than passing) and the 200-meter dash (about 38 seconds, 2 faster than passing). After changing at home, I ran line on two men's games. The first one was rather contentious and kept my colleagues and I well busy disciplining players, but the second match was much smoother.

I was hoping to hear back by now on a temp job, but as of late this afternoon, no word from the temp agency. Their client hadn't called back. Strange.

I did get started on a rather easy fact check job my brother Rick asked me to do this week on a historical biography he's editing.

Last night (16 Aug.), I ran the IPMS/Gateway meeting. We had a nice one, in which we had a report on the IPMS/USA National Convention in Omaha earlier this month, a seminar on contest judging, and a last pitch for next month's IPMS/Gateway Invitational in Eureka. Details on the show at ipms-gateway.com


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