15 December 2011

Feeling a Bit Optimistic

I had a good feeling during and after a phone interview this morning. The 15-minute conversation was for a possible temp job with a media organization in Metro St. Louis, doing copywriting and editing of copy for online presentation. I should know for sure either way tomorrow about getting this assignment. It would be a ray of light right now.

One week ago tonight (8 December), I was among the attendees at a bid planning meeting for the 2014 IPMS/USA National Convention. The meeting, held at CRM Hobbies in St. Louis, had info on the projected budget for this convention and assignment of people to head committees. I drew the publicity director slot (natch), and I was also asked to draw up an outline for a convention program. I found copies of the programs from the 1982 and 1991 IPMS Nationals that were held in St. Louis, so I have something to use as a basis for this one.

After supper on Friday (9 Dec.), I was at the Bismark in downtown St. Louis for Stress Free Fridays. It was nice to see the gang for awhile, enjoying some live music as well. The next morning, I was at Christian Academy officiating four futsal matches with a partner. They generally went well, although my partner and I had to crack down a bit on some hard play.

Sunday night found me at Shameless Grounds in south St. Louis for Kinky Bingo, a weekly event they host. I went as part of two Meetup groups. It took an open mind to really appreciate this event (sexual terms replaced numbers), but it was fun, and my first visit to the facility--a coffeehouse--was most enjoyable.

A party of a different sort was where I was at on Monday night, at Dooley's 026 in Fenton. The annual soccer referee Christmas party was held, with a good time had by all. There was free food for us, and they raffled off some referee gear, with proceeds going to the Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA). I won a bag tag and a flip coin in the raffle. We also got word of our annual trivia night to benefit DASA and Backstoppers in February. More info on that in due course.

I plan to present IPMS/Gateway's check to Toys for Tots tomorrow afternoon. More info on that in my next post here.


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