08 December 2011

Into December, Towards Christmas

Rather cool outside now, and we may get a touch of snow tonight. I'll be inside much of the time, though, attending a planning meeting for the IPMS/USA 2014 National Convention bid committee. Hopefully, we'll have a good turnout and work on what needs to be done to have our bid ready to present this August in Lake Buena Vista, Florida at the 2012 IPMS Nationals.

Last Friday night (2 Dec.) found me in midtown St. Louis attending the open house Bake 2 Basics Marketing held for its new office. It was a nice time, and I was able to meet a few people and exchange business cards with them. We'll see in due course if anything good came of it. The night before, I was at a meeting on the American Jobs Act held at the Obama for America office in downtown St. Louis.

The new youth futsal season began last Saturday and I had a double shift of games at Christian Academy in Maryland Heights. The day began with four games in the morning for younger players (under 10s and 12s), then I was back there that afternoon for three. Actually, it turned out to be just two games, as the first of the set was not played due to one of the teams not showing up for some reason. My partner and I had to wait nearly an hour before the second game of this set, but we got though the other two matches just fine. I'm back for more games the next two Saturday.

I co-hosted the monthly Writer's Block online radio show on Naturally Autistic Radio Sunday afternoon. The host Tim Pylypiuk and I discussed novels and books, my views on the written word and history as a genre, and graphic novels. (Erik Estabrook, normally the other panelist, was not on the show this time.) Our next Writer's Block is on Sun., 1 Jan. at 12 pm Pacific Time (2 pm Central Time). Hope you can join us. Show info at www.naturallyautistic.com/radio-show.

Monday night (5 Dec.) found me at Katie's Pizzeria in Clayton for dinner with the Dine Out on a Dime Meetup group. About 40 of us were there to enjoy the variety of dishes there, especially pizzas that are a change from what many of us are used to. I had a Genoa salami pizza that included crushed red pepper, onions, and mozzarella cheese on a fairly thin crust. Somehow, I was able to put away the entire 13-inch (33.02 cm) diameter pie at that sitting. Very tasty and a fine time was had there. I definitely recommend both Katie's and this Meetup group.

Running the IPMS/St. Louis meeting the next night, I proceeded the meeting by helping fill the display case at Thornhill Branch Library's lobby with models. The display runs until the beginning of January 2012. The meeting passed rather quickly, with little to discuss except the need for the club to get a new secretary/treasurer ASAP and to play the national recharter fee by month's end.

Rather quiet at home. Watched a documentary on History last night on the attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago yesterday and the US government's response. Fascinating with info about President Roosevelt and the 24 hours following the attack that I didn't know.

I wish you all a good day. Later.

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