25 January 2012

Dodging Ice, But Not Dodging Necessary Calls

Early last Friday night (20 Jan.), we had a bit of an ice storm here in St. Louis. It wasn't too big, but it was enough for me to cancel a planned meetup event in Kirkwood, due to driving safety concerns. I just didn't want to take any chances, especially as I would be borrowing Mom's car, with my Saturn out of action. I did get some info from consumerreports.org on several used cars I'm interested in buying. I'll take some time tomorrow to narrow down the list and prepare to visit some used car lots in the coming days.

I had some games last weekend, indoors and out. Saturday night, I refereed four boys' futsal matches in St. Peters. They generally went well, although I did have to caution a player from each team in one game when they got into a shoving match after I called a foul on one of those players. Fortunately, that did much to settle the players down and the game continued without further incident. The next afternoon, I was in Maryland Heights for the first outdoor games since last November. These were two under-16 boys' contests in the SLYSA winter league, played at the Lou Fusz Complex. The games went well for me; I refereed the first one, a rather close contest that was well played by both sides, then ran line on a rather lopsided match.

Before those games in Maryland Heights, I was an usher at church that Sunday morning. It went well, with no hitches.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 24 Jan.), I went downtown for the weekly meeting of the GO! Network, a volunteer organization helping professionals between full time jobs. I did a bit of networking, then took in a presentation on unlocking your inner genius in helping one's job search. I also signed up for the GO! Network's marketing committee, and that committee's chair emailed me today to thank me for signing up and to say they meet on Fridays. Should be interesting.

Last night, I was at Larry Ehret's apartment in south St. Louis for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. The meeting went well and we got next month's meetings (general and business) planned, and discussed a bit of other club business.

That's it for now. Later.

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