02 February 2012

My Drive to Find a Used Car

Last Friday (27 Jan.), I began looking at used cars at some lots not too far from my house. Specifically, I narrowed it down to either the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla (2007-11 models). Consumer Reports rated both cars highly for reliability and overall value. Now with my parents' backing for financing, I'll check out some more lots in the coming days. Hope to finalize this by mid-February.

Refereed futsal at Game Time in St. Peters Saturday night. The games went well. I had an odd schedule: one game, then a break, then three games. Oh, well. Back with futsal this Saturday night.

I attended the monthly referee in-service clinic, which had a presentation on how to respond to various situations in games. The next night, I made the long drive to Frank Cicarella's house in Wentzville for the 2014 IPMS/USA National Convention bid planning meeting. We got some detailed info on arrangements, and I made a suggestion regarding the convention program, which will be modified based on the committee's feedback. Hope to have a revised layout by the next meeting.

Last night, I refereed boys outdoor games in Maryland Heights. The first game--an under-15 contest I was in the middle for--was a scoreless draw, but at least both teams had their chances to score. A close, competitive match, but I kept it under control. I then ran line on a U17 match, which was a blowout from the start; one team clearly outclassing the other.

This Saturday, there will be a double shot of me on Naturally Autistic Radio. First, at 2 pm Central time (noon Pacific Time), I co-host Writer's Block at its new time (first Saturday). Then, I make my radio performance debut in this week's installment of Radio Drama at 3 pm Central (1 pm Pacific). You can find out more on these shows at http://www.naturallyautistic.com/radio-show/. I hope you and your family/friends/associates can tune in on Saturday.

That's it for now. Later.


Ella said...

I really liked your article.thanks for sharing with us.

Ella said...

I really liked your article.thanks for sharing with us.

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