15 February 2012

Moving Along Through Single's Awareness Day 2012

Not much happened late last week. The weekend was different, though. On Saturday morning (11 Feb.), I refereed futsal games at Creve Coeur Racquet Club. I had four matches scheduled, with a break before the last match, but the second match was a forfeit--one team did not show up. Generally, the matches went well. Just three weeks left before the season ends.

That night, I was at Syberg's in Maryland Heights for the St. Louis Singles Meetup dinner and flower exchange. We had about 40 people there, in a private room, were we enjoyed a nice buffet dinner, followed by an exchange of red flowers. I bought a rose earlier that day, which I exchanged with a gal. A few more exchanges later, I ended up with a red carnation. It was pretty nice. Certainly, something different for me.

The next day (12 Feb.), I was at the Lou Fusz Complex in Maryland Heights to work a pair of outdoor boys' games. My middle went well; a bit of a one-sided affair on the scoreline, perhaps reflected by the play, with one team showing greater class. The second game (I was assistant referee on it) was pretty good.

This past Valentine's Day went without much notice. No personal greetings came either by US Mail or online. Perhaps it was just as well. That morning, I was at the University of Phoenix facility in Brentwood for a Yellow-Tie networking event. It was not much for me to write home about, with few people to talk to and none I really wanted to connect with. (On the other hand, I did win a pen from the hosts for answering a Valentine's trivia question.) Then, I was at the St. Patrick Center in downtown St. Louis for the weekly GO! Network event. They had a talk about using social media to help with finding work. I did find a few nice points in the presentation, including things I did not know before. There was one person at the end who offered to put me in touch with someone who can help a socially awkward person with finding work, but I haven't heard back from that person yet.

This afternoon, after doing a bit of painting on a model I hope to finish for next week's IPMS/Gateway meeting, I was at O.B. Clark's in Brentwood to watch the AC Milan vs. Arsenal UEFA Champion's League match on TV there with fellow St. Louis United FC members. (AC Milan won 4-0.) On the way home, I stopped by Weiss Toyota to pick up documents for my Corolla, which were ready for me that morning. Now I can get my license plates reupped for another year.


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