18 October 2012

A (Literal) Damper of Late

Late last week and into the weekend, I proofread a book manuscript my brother Rick sent me. It was for a scholarly book on democracy in Russia, and I did not find too much that I felt needed correcting. Rick was most appreciative of my effort on this one, and I may have other such jobs coming to me in the next few months.

One week ago (11 Oct.) found me canvassing for Sen. Claire McCaskill in Chesterfield. After returning to the campaign office early that night, I joined in a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) session hosted by an organizer. Myself and the other volunteers found out about the effort we'll need for McCaskill to win next month. Quite informative and enjoyable.

Friday night (12 Oct.) found me at Sportport, refereeing games in a youth soccer tournament. The games went fine. (They were among the first of this tournament.) While there, one of my colleagues mentioned about a possible job opening at his employer and wondered if I was interested in it. I said yes and he'd do what he could to help me with that effort. Stay tuned.

I worked youth league matches last Saturday. Our crew was short-handed, with only two referees there. (The third was called away to do State Cup matches that day.) However, the coaches understood and the games went fine. I was supposed to work more tournament games at Sportport on Sunday, but wet grounds from overnight rain ended that assignment before it began.

Monday afternoon (15 Oct.) found me back out canvassing for McCaskill, this time in Webster Groves. It was a pleasant day to be out and I did find some success for the candidate. I'll be back knocking on doors again later today.

I opened up Calvary's fellowship hall Tuesday night for the IPMS/Gateway meeting. We had a low turnout of people and models for the monthly "beauty contest" (where attendees vote on the models on the table, with the winning model earning its builder a prize). We did have three first-time attendees, so our publicity is helping in that regard.

Last night, I was in Affton calling voters for Scott Sifton's state senate campaign. Fortunately, we were indoors, as it rained quite a bit that night. (The rain delayed play in the Cardinals' game that night.)


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