26 October 2012

Running to Pass the Test

I had a busy weekend of soccer referee-related activities, starting last Saturday morning (20 Oct.) on the track at Ritenour High School. There, I took and passed the annual referee fitness test, which is part of my recertification process. Myself and 12 other referees were at Ritenour and we all passed the three-part test. It started with a 12-minute run around the 400-meter track. I completed just over 2000 meters (5 laps) in the 12 minutes; for my age and grade, passing was covering 4800m. After a short break, I ran the 200m dash, covering the distance in just over 37 seconds. (The time to beat is 45 seconds.) Finally, I ran a 50m dash in about 6 seconds, which was better than the 9 seconds I had to beat. Now, all I need is to attend the in-service clinic next month and I'm recertified for another year.

After the fitness test, I came home to shower, change, and later drove to Soccer Park for three youth games. They went well, although my legs sure felt sore by the time the last game ended. The next day (21 Oct.) found me at the Scott Gallagher complex for two games. (Originally, I was scheduled for three games, but the first game of the set was cancelled and the assignor let my crew know about it the day before.) I was tired, but satisfied with a job well done when those Sunday games ended.

This past week found me knocking on more doors for Claire McCaskill, canvassing on Monday afternoon, Tuesday late morning, and yesterday afternoon. Some rain on Tuesday cut into my canvassing work in Chesterfield, but overall I did the best I could, and the campaign staff greatly appreciated my efforts. Wednesday night (24 Oct.), I was back at the Scott Sifton campaign office, calling voters for his state senate campaign. It seems to be going well, with less than two weeks go to until Election Day (6 Nov.)

Last Tuesday night (23 Oct.), I drove to Tom Bogacki's new residence in south St. Louis for the monthly IPMS/Gateway business meeting, in which we planned November's general meeting and discussed other club business. I've invited a retired McDonnell Douglas engineer to speak at the club's banquet in December, but have not heard back from him yet.

That's it for now. Later.

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