28 December 2012

Happy Days: Starting New Job, and Christmas

I started with the car rental firm on Thursday morning, 20 Dec., with orientation at their HR office. I just over one hour, myself and three other new hires (including one who's also working at my location) filled out paperwork, went over company policies, and were issued company shirts and beanies. We also got our first work assignments. The weather was OK that morning; not so much that afternoon, causing postponement of that night's Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting.

I was at the rental location in west St. Louis County by 7:30 am to start my work. I learned from my supervisor about cleaning the cars: taking them to a nearby car wash, if necessary, then vacuuming and wiping the interior before putting them on our lot ready to rent. I was there until early that afternooon. So far, so good.

I was at Christian Academy in Maryland Heights for five futsal games the next afternoon (22 Dec.). I had one game that got real contentious and needed real close watch, but the rest of the contests were fine. After coming home to shower and change, I was at Del Miller's house in south St. Louis County for his annual Christmas party. It was a fine time, seeing several mates from IPMS/St. Louis and others Del knows. Several attendees congratulated me on the new job and we had plenty to eat and drink.

After a rather low key Christmas Eve (including an evening church service at Calvary), Christmas Day was quite nice. I was most pleasantly surprised to receive a NOOK HD reader from my brothers. It wasn't on my wish list, but it was most appreciated. After a hitch in getting signed on with this tablet, it has been working real good. I've already downloaded a few book samples and two books to it. I also received four DVDs on my wish list; "Help!" (1965), "The Man Who Would Be King" (1975), "The Piano" (1993), and "Von Ryan's Express" (1965). My parents' friend Cindy Strohm came for the day and helped prepare a delicious turkey dinner for us.

Early the next morning, I was on the job at the car rental place, doing my work cleaning and prepping cars, plus occasionally picking up and dropping off rental customers. It was a full day (with lunch break), and I did the same yesterday.

Back at the job this afternoon, then at the IPMS/Gateway business meeting tonight.

This is likely my last blog post of 2012, so in case I don't post here sooner, Happy New Year!


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