03 January 2013

Into 2013

Last Friday (28 Dec.), after a long day working at the car rental firm, I drove through a snowy night to Mike George's house in Florissant for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. We planned the January meeting, discussed a bit of club business, settled on the special categories for the 2013 Modeler of the Year contests, and handed off to the new executive board. (I'm staying put at vice president again this year.)

The next morning (29 Dec.), I worked at the car rental firm. My duties cleaning and prepping the rental cars were complicated a bit by the snow-covered streets, but it was fine. After that, I drove to the Thornhill Branch Library in Creve Coeur to take down my models from the IPMS/St. Louis display there in December.

Sunday night had me at Christian Academy refereeing four high school boys futsal matches. The games generally went well, with no real incidents for my partner and I to worry about.

Back at work on Monday (31 Dec.), my colleagues and I were kept busy with getting rental vehicles ready for customers prior to New Year's. At least I'm busy most of the time, which is good. (I hate when things are idle and I have to wait for stuff to do. That's very seldom at my job.)

New Year's Eve was a low-key time. I wanted to get some rest after the long work day, and I ended up sleeping through midnight. No big deal for me. I relaxed at home on New Year's Day, and was back at work the next day.

I was off work today, which I used to get a haircut, color over my gray hair atop my head, and get some khaki slacks for work. Back to work tomorrow (4 Jan.).


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