02 February 2013

Work Rolls On, and A Movie Night

Work at the auto rental firm has been going well of late. Last week, it was a matter of adjusting to fluctuating temperatures, going from unseasonably warm to bitter cold in 48 hours. Still, I persevered and helped keep our branch running smoothly, between cleaning and preparing vehicles, picking up and dropping off customers, and running personnel and vehicles between the branch and the satellite locations.

Sunday afternoon (27 Jan.) found me at The World Cafe in south St. Louis for a discussion of intimate matters with the Human Sexuality and Relationships in the 21st Century (HSR21) Meetup. Our group raised sex questions and got informed answers. A very informative and interesting time.

On my day off last Tuesday (29 Jan.), I went to the license office in south St. Louis County to renew my driver's license. After supplying the required identification information, taking the vision test, and getting my image taken, I was issued with a temporary license. This will serve me until my permanent one (good for six years) arrives in the mail in the next 10-15 days. That night, I hosted the IPMS/Gateway business meeting, which had been postponed for a week due to potential weather problems. We planned our February meeting and discussed other club matters.

The next night, I was in Maplewood for a movie night with the STL Screeners Meetup. This was at a residence of our group's leader, and several of us gathered to watch a movie on home video. I provided the night's entertainment on DVD, the 1957 drama "Sweet Smell of Success." We all had a fine time together, enjoying and discussing this movie and getting to know each other better. I'm looking forward to more such meetups in the coming months.

Last night (1 Feb.) saw me at Andre's in Oakville for the Mehlville-Oakville Alumni Association (MOAA) Trivia Night. We had a good turnout for this event, which raised money for college scholarships for Mehlville and Oakville seniors. Our table did rather well, finishing in the top half of the 28 tables playing that night.

I'm off to referee youth futsal in St. Peters tonight. Take care and talk to you soon. I'm sure with my birthday coming up this coming Thursday, I'll have something to write about.


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