24 January 2013

Back to Virtually Normal Health

I'm virtually over my recent chest cold now. Just a bit of cough now and then, and an occasional drippy nose, although that's mostly due to some real cold weather lately. This morning, it was about 20 degrees below freezing when I started work, with the wind chill making it feel a bit colder. At least it should get warmer over the next few days.

Last Thursday night (17 Jan.), I was at the Missouri Aviation Historical Society meeting at Creve Coeur Airport. A slideshow history of aviation in Missouri was presented, and I was able to donate two items from an IPMS/Gateway mate to the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum.

Work at the auto rental firm is still going well. There's a few times when it's real slow, but not too many. Good to have plenty of work to do, and a great crew to work with every day.

Last Saturday morning (19 Jan.), I was at Creve Coeur Racquet Club refereeing four games in the Midwest Regional Futsal Tournament. My partner and I did boys games (under 13s and 12s), and they generally went well, with no real problems to deal with. Those were my only games that weekend.

On my off day last Tuesday (22 Jan.), I got the transmission fluid replaced on my Corolla, and bought some work gloves and a tire pressure gauge. These gloves work out much better than the gloves I have been using at work lately.


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