24 October 2013

A More Pleasant Footnote; Talking Scale Modeling to Cub Scouts

Last Thursday night (17 Oct.), I attended the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's monthly meeting at Creve Coeur Airport. They screened the 1953 aviation drama "Island in the Sky," which starred John Wayne. It's quite a good film and we enjoyed seeing it. Back to work the next two days at the car rental firm (just in the morning on Saturday). The society meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. More info at www.moavhist.org.

After attending church on Sunday morning (20 Oct.) and lunch at home, I was at Shameless Grounds in the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis for a discussion program. The Sex Positive St. Louis (SEX+TL) Meetup group had a discussion on sexual compatibility, which I found rather interesting.

Work has been going well this week. Off on Tuesday (22 Oct.), I was at Cedar Imaging in south St. Louis County for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan on my right foot. It was my first time getting an MRI done and I had to lay still for about 30 minutes while the machine scanned my foot. The technician said it went real well and the results were forwarded to my Podiatrist. Yesterday, while I was at work, the podiatrist's office left a message on my home phone saying that the MRI showed no bone break or tendon tear. The office added it was likely tendonitis, but wanted to schedule a follow up appointment with me on this. That appointment is this Tuesday. Stay tuned.

Tuesday night, I was at Rockport Heights Elementary School in Arnold, Missouri with two of my IPMS/Gateway colleagues. We were there for the meeting of Cub Scout Pack 962, who asked us to give a presentation on scale modeling and our club. We showed off some of our models, a few kits, and some modeling tools as we explained to these Cub Scouts and their parents what our hobby is about. Club literature was also passed out to the kids and their parents, and the kids and the pack leaders really seemed to enjoy our talk. Efforts like this should help gain new members for our club. Our website is: http://ipms-gateway.com.

Last night, after work, I was at Marion Morris' house for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. We planned next month's general and business meetings and discussed a bit of club business, as well as followed the start of the World Series between the Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. The Sox took advantage of some fielding errors to beat the Cardinals 8-1, with game 2 tonight in Boston. Go Cardinals!

This morning, I took my Corolla into Weiss Toyota Scion for an 80,000-mile check up. The car is in great shape, the service adviser told me, and the tires were rotated.


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