13 February 2014

Reaching the Big 5-0

Last Friday (7 Feb.) was my 50th birthday. Mom & Dad had a card for me when I was at the breakfast table that morning. My co-workers served up a large decorated cookie. At home after work, I opened a package from my brother Doug and his wife Helen. It had a flight jacket from the California ScienCenter in Los Angeles, showcasing the Space Shuttle Endeavour that's on display there. It is a very nice jacket and I love it. My brothers Rick and Brian each sent me an amazon.com gift certificate, which I should have no problem using. (I ordered two documentary series DVDs, which arrived today, and still have some value left on those gift certificates.)

The next night, my parents threw a birthday dinner for me at O'Charley's in Mehlville. Five of my friends joined us for a nice dinner, especially nice as I had not seen some of these guests for some months. We all enjoyed each other's company.

Sunday (9 Feb.), I was at a house in south St. Louis for a seminar conducted via Skype on overcoming shyness. There were several other women there and it was a rather interesting session which lasted about 2 1/2 hours. I learned a few tips for overcoming shyness, and perhaps they may help.

Work this past week has been going well. We're all looking forward to the weather improving in the coming days, after another slight snow burst tomorrow.


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