19 June 2014

A Thorough Hair Coloring; U-S-A!

One week ago tonight (12 June), I did my third and last volunteer shift of the season at Circus Flora in midtown St. Louis. We had a great crowd and things went very well. The following Sunday night (15 June), after the show, I joined with many other Circus Flora volunteers for a party the circus threw for us. We enjoyed a buffet supper in the ring and some conversation. I had to leave early, since I needed some sleep before going into work early the next morning.

I was able to follow the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup via my TV and mobile phone. Some real nice action so far, including the USA's match vs. Ghana on Monday. I followed the first half on my phone, and the second on the radio after work, as I drove to Arnold, Missouri. Parked outside the salon, I listened to the last few minutes of the match and was real excited when the USA won 2-1 in thrilling fashion.

After that, I was inside Starla's Salon and Spa for a hair coloring and cut performed by my friend, Linda Huie. She had offered to do this a few months back, and we finally were able to mesh our schedules to get this done. Linda and I chatted while she applied the color, let it set, then washed it off my hair before cutting it. She did a much better job than I was able to do myself with a store brand coloring. I appreciated Linda doing this and we greatly appreciated the time together.

Work has been going well, despite the high temperatures and humidity this week. Yesterday, it hit 95 degrees F (35 degrees C), and being outside made it tough while trying to get vehicles cleaned up and ready to rent in a timely manner. However, my colleagues and I persevered and we're doing very nicely.

IPMS/Gateway met Tuesday night (17 June), and I went to Calvary Presbyterian Church for that right after work. After helping get the meeting room set up, I chatted with come colleagues and marveled at the models on display. We had 43 entries in the monthly "Beauty Contest," the most I've seen at an IPMS/Gateway meeting in a long time. I also took minutes of the meeting, submitted my club membership renewal, and entered the Same Kit Contest this December by paying my fee and getting the kit to be built: a 1:8 scale kit of The Black Knight of Nurnberg. Should be fun.

My brother Rick is in town with his wife Melissa and son Alex. They arrived yesterday and will be here for a few days.


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