26 June 2014

"I Believe That We Will Advance"

One week ago today (19 June) found me in downtown St. Louis. First, it was a late afternoon party with the Friends from Around the World Meetup group at the Hard Rock Cafe at St. Louis Union Station. It was nice to meet the interns from overseas; however, the power went out at that cafe (but not elsewhere at Union Station) after a while. Thus, the restaurant could not serve anything but water and could not charge me or others for what I ordered before the power went out. Still, it was a nice time.

Then, I hopped aboard Metrolink to ride to Busch Stadium for the Cardinals' game vs. the Philadelphia Phillies. My parents were there along with my brother Rick, his wife Melissa and their son Alex. We had good seats looking down the left field line and had a nice time, although the Cardinals lost that game. I left after the seventh inning to go home early, as I was tired and needed to be up early the next morning for work.

Saturday morning (21 June) found me taking a defensive driving class for work at the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis. There were 16 other students taking the course with me, and I had no problem passing the four-hour class. Then I was back home to watch more of the FIFA World Cup on TV. By the way, work has been going well, although a bit hectic at times.

The next day, I stopped by Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in south St. Louis for the Autism-Aspergers Meetup social there. Only two others were there, so it was a rather short stop, but it was good to visit Ted Drewes for a concrete, which I have not had in quite awhile.

I was home that night with my parents watching the USA-Portugal match on TV. It was quite a nail biter, with Portugal pulling out the draw in the dying moments. Earlier today, I was at the Amsterdam Tavern in south St. Louis for the USA-Germany match. We as a crowd were disappointed that the USA lost 1-0, but happy that our team still advanced to the Round of 16. Good luck, Stars and Stripes!

After work last Tuesday (24 June), I was at Brad and Julie Vaughn's house in House Springs, Missouri for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. After a fine supper featuring red beans and rice, we of the club's board planned next month's meetings and other club business. Tonight, I am at the Missouri Aviation Historical Society's meeting. More on that in my next post.


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