01 October 2016

Enjoying Churrasco and Working Hard

The end of last week at work was busy, but good. I spent much of that weekend resting up at home. It was mostly to catch up on some needed rest. I did get my hair cut Sunday morning (25 September) at Great Clips (http://www.greatclips.com/) in Mehlville. The stylist did the usual good job cutting six weeks' worth of hair.

Sunday night, I joined with others from the Ethnic Restaurant Fans Meetup group (https://www.meetup.com/Ethnic-Restaurant-Fans) for dinner at Brasilia Bar & Restaurant (http://www.brasiliastl.com/) in south St. Louis. About 16 of us took in a delicious churrasco dinner buffet. Servers brought to our table skewers of various meats, which we could take a slice for one's plate. It was my first time trying churrasco, and I don't think it would be my last. A good time was had by our group.

Back to work on Monday morning, and plenty of work for sure. Things have been going well at our branch, I am happy to say. It did get crowded on our lot at times, with a lot of vehicles and little space to park them. We did our best, though, and kept our customers happy.

Tuesday night (27 September), I was at Bill Wagner's house in Oakville for the IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) business meeting. We discussed club business and planned our October general and business meetings.

I was back at Portuguese class after work Wednesday night at St. Louis Community College at Meramec (http://www.stlcc.edu/MC/). Priscila, our instructor from Viva Brasil Association of St. Louis (http://www.e.vivabrasilstl.org/home), guided us through a review of possessive pronouns, more verbs, and future tense. This was week six,with two more to go in this course.

I took it easy on my off day Thursday (29 September), mostly resting at home and dying my hair. Good thing: Friday was a busy one at work.

At home today. Enjoying the weekend.


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