23 March 2017

A Model Contest; Looking Good for Visitors

The work week started off busy as usual on Monday (20 March), with plenty to do--in my case, getting cars prepped for rental. It was a push, but we got it done. After work, I completed assembly and finish on the Hawk 1:72 scale Bf 109F-2 for the Same Kit Contest at the IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) meeting the next night.

At work on Tuesday, after getting through the early rush of customers, I got the wash bay cleaned and straightened out. Our branch was hosting important visitors from the company the next morning, so we needed to get our branch looking great for them. It was all taken care of by the time the work day ended.

After work, I was off to Calvary Presbyterian Church (http://calvarypresbyterianchurch.org/) for the IPMS/Gateway meeting. My Bf 109 was one of five entries in the Same Kit Contest, which we had along with our usual Model of the Month "Beauty Contest." The choice was by popular vote of attendees. Mine was tied for second place. Not bad considering the effort needed to get my kit in passable shape. A good effort, I think.

Yesterday morning, the visitors did come to our branch. It looks like we made a good impression on them.

Off work today, I got some needed rest, and got some refills for my printer and one of my ink pens. I plan to work on my taxes later today.


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