22 June 2011

A Little Bit Happening

I did finish my P-51D Mustang model early yesterday and entered it in the Same Kit Contest at the IPMS/Gateway meeting last night. It was one of seven entries in the contest's Out of the Box category; there was only one entry in the Anything Goes (highly modified) category. I didn't win, but at least I got it entered and we did have a nice bit of interest in this. This was the first time our club's done the Same Kit Contest, and the IPMS/Gateway board will study this to improve upon for next year.

I refereed Sunday morning (19 June) in the swamp (sorry, on the pitch) at De Soto Park. There was some standing water in spots on the field, and muddy patches as well. I was truly wet and my boots were muddy by the time that game ended. Plus, I dismissed a coach for his irresponsible behavior. (He kept dissenting at my decisions against his team.) The second game, in which I was an assistant referee, went much better in comparison.

I have a pair of networking events tomorrow -- a one-on-one meeting in the late morning, a happy hour that night. We'll see how that goes.


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