13 July 2011

A Ray of Hope

I had my job interview last Monday afternoon (11 July) in Granite City. I was at the firm for about 30 minutes, interviewed by two people: the manager responsible for this position, and a human resources person. I was among an unknown (to me) number of candidates for this temporary technical writing post. They didn't go too much into the nuts and bolts of the job (such as asking for my knowledge of SAP operations), but wanted to know how I can communicate a process to someone who's unfamiliar with it. I think this interview went well and they said they would let the temp agency know by Friday afternoon who they would select. I would know from the temp agency.

I did research on the firm and about SAP software in the days prior to the interview, and I sought advice from a few friends. One, who works at another industrial firm in Granite City, was particularly helpful in this regard.

Last Saturday, I worked seven games at a 3v3 soccer tournament in Maryland Heights. This was a local stop on a nationwide tour of 3v3 tournaments. These are played on small fields, with short game times (12-minute halves), enabling games to be played within 30-minute slots. These went well, for me. That night, I went to dinner at Pujols 5 Westport Grill in Westport Plaza. It was the St. Louis Singles Meetup Group getting together. Many of them went on to watch a comedy show at the Funny Bone Comedy Club, but I declined that and went home. I was trying to save some money.

Watched the FIFA Women's World Cup the past few days. Saw the USA defeat France and Japan beat Sweden in today's semifinals. The USA and Japan play in the final Sunday afternoon. I'll be on the pitch at DeSoto Park that day, officiating men's league games. I'll be sure to record the FIFA Women's World Cup Final for later viewing.

That's it for now. Later.

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