06 July 2011

Some Good, Some Bad News Lately

Some good news came over the phone last Friday (1 July), when one of the temp agencies offered to have me interview for a temporary technical writing position with an industrial enterprise in Granite City, Illinois. It would be my first real experience in technical writing, but I said yes. The interview is this coming Monday afternoon (11 July). It would entail learning an SAP operation in the firm's offices, document the process, then work alongside an operator on the shelf floor doing the same process. Should be interesting. I'm setting aside much of the next few days getting familiar with the firm and with the system. Wish me luck!

This past weekend was rather quiet, apart from watching the FIFA Women's World Cup and the Copa America on TV. I didn't need a TV to watch the St. Louis Lions Saturday night: They weren't televised, but I did see them in person play the Kansas City Brass at Lindenwood University. The match ended drawn at 1, St. Louis equalizing just before halftime. It was nice to see.

Monday morning (4 July), I was in Webster Groves for that city's parade. I marched with Rep. Russ Carnahan and some of his supporters, several of who were riding on an old fire engine on the parade route. I walked the two-mile (1.2 km) route, helping hand out free candy to the kids along the route early on. It was real nice. Near the end of the parade, by Memorial Park, my friend Bill Michael said hi from the curb. We--Bill, his wife, young son, and I-- chatted briefly, before I returned to the parade. A fine time had by all, I think. I was at home with Mom and Dad that night.

Last night, I ran the IPMS/St. Louis meeting. A light turnout--only five members-- meant we had virtually no business conducted, but we did talk about some hobby news for a while.

This morning, I took my car into the service place to have them check the radiator. I had a radiator warning light go off on the dashboard the night before and I was concerned. They checked the car and the radiator was leaking and needed replacement. They got all done by end of business today, except for installing a new thermostat. The replacement part they got did not fit, so they had to get one for earlier in my car's model year. (It turned out the 2000 Saturn SL was in a split 1999-2000 model year, for some strange reason. The repair technician called in my car's VIN [Vehicle Identification Number] to the parts place, and that's why they had to get the older model thermostat.) That part won't arrive to be installed until tomorrow morning. This will set me back just over $600. Ouch! I've had quite a bit in repair costs in my car already. I would be better off with a new or slightly used car, but my uncertain job situation puts paid to that.

Not much else for now. Hope to have happy news to report Monday night. Later.

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Michelle L. Devon said...

I used to use SAP when I worked for Chevron many years ago. It's a great thing to know, because lots of the biggies use it. Good luck!