01 March 2012

Fourth-Best This Time

Last Friday night (24 Feb.), I was at the Eastern Missouri Soccer Referee Association (EMSRA) Tom Smith, Jr. Memorial Trivia Night at Andre's in Oakville. The team I'm on had a good outing, but not good enough to "three-peat" as champions; we finished fourth best this year. Still, it was a good night overall. Our table won the scavenger hunt game and got some sports team hats and restaurant gift certificates as prizes. The big winners, though, were the Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA) and Backstoppers, which will receive the proceeds from this event.

My three scheduled futsal games the next night turned into six. The assignor called me in mid-afternoon, asking me to fill in for someone who broke his ankle playing soccer and could not do his three late afternoon games. So I quickly dressed and drove up to Christian Academy. The games went well, although the next-to-last game was a forfeit because only one team showed up.

Late the next morning (26 Feb.), I was at St. Louis U. High for three games. They went well--I had the middle in the first game and it was nice.

Also last weekend, I received the Missouri title on my Corolla, so now my new car is officially mine. I put the license plate stickers on the car yesterday morning (29 Feb.), so my license plates are good for another year.

Tuesday night, I was at Marion Morris' house in Maplewood for the IPMS/Gateway business meeting. We planned the March meetings and discussed a bit of other club business.

Today, I was at Jefferson Barracks for a ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first parachute jump in the world. After a few short speeches in the administrative building, the crowd went to the parade ground, where a skydiver landed after jumping out of an aircraft, just as Albert Berry did on the same parade ground on 1 March 1912. It was a very nice day--sunny, mild, no clouds.

Before I go: This Saturday, at 2 pm Central Time (12 pm Pacific Time; 2000 hours GMT), I co-host this month's episode of Writer's Block from Naturally Autistic Radio. It's the monthly show--airing the first Saturday of the month--on writing from autistic people's perspectives. I hope you can tune in on Saturday. Show info at http://www.naturallyautistic.com/radio-show.


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