16 January 2013

Me Under (and Through) the Weather

In case you didn't notice, I didn't post here last week. That's because I was a sick man, due to a chest cold. It made me weak, contested, and not in a mood to write. I'm getting better now, but still a ways to go until I'm fully over this. Anyway, here's my latest post for you:

Work at the auto rental firm has been going very well of late. Been putting in some long hours there, but they've been productive hours. The supervisors have been most appreciative of my efforts (and those of my fellow vehicle service agents). Plus, the customers greatly appreciate my putting forth the extra effort, in sickness and in health. Today, I picked up six customers from their residences to take them to the rental facility, so they could be back on the road. I'm proud of my work with the firm.

I had youth futsal games at Game Time on Sat., 5 Jan. They generally went well, even in dealing with a potentially troublesome coach in the last game. This weekend, I'm working the US Youth Futsal Regionals in St. Louis.

Last Monday night (7 Oct.), I was interviewed on Naturally Autistic Radio about my work editing Naturally Autistic magazine and my editing work in general. The following Thursday, I took my new Nook reader to the Barnes & Noble store in Fenton for a Nook Night, where the host explained more about the Nook's features and capabilities to customers. I found it rather informative.

That's it for now. Trying to get some more rest before an early day at work tomorrow. Later.

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