04 September 2017

Ethnic Festivals and Back into Soccer

After work on the end of the last full week of August, I was at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis for the International Institute's Festival of Nations (http://www.festivalofnationsstl.org/) on that Sunday (27 August). I spent some time walking around the grounds, checking out the various food, shopping, and information booths. I then spent two hours helping at the Viva Brasil STL (http://www.e.vivabrasilstl.org/) booth, where I helped spread the word about Brazil and our organization. I then helped tear down the booth. After that, I worked at one of the Festival's drinks booths for the final shift of the day. Then, I assisted in tearing that booth down. It was a very nice day and a real good turnout of people for the Festival.

Back at work the next day, it was a busy morning as usual, and quite busy the rest of that Monday. The work was fine that week. Hopefully, I will get help in vehicle service soon at the branch.

I flexed out Tuesday afternoon (29 September), and got the oil changed on my Corolla at Jiffy Lube (https://www.jiffylube.com/) in Mehlville. They also changed the automatic transmission fluid (well overdue) and rotated the tires. All this should help my car run better in the coming months.

That night, I hosted the IPMS/Gateway (http://www.ipms-gateway.com/) business meeting at home. We discussed the final preparations for our contest this Saturday in Sunset Hills. Overall, things are in very good shape for the show. We also discussed some other club business, including my taking over as editor of the club's newsletter in the near future.

Off work Thursday (31 August), I took Mom to the airport, where she caught a flight to Los Angeles. She's spending a few days visiting my brother Doug, his wife Helen, and their sons Luca and Matteo.

I worked Saturday morning (2 September) and it went very nicely. Then, I began to enjoy my holiday weekend. I relaxed at home the rest of the day and night.

Yesterday morning, I was at World Wide Technology Soccer Park (http://www.saintlouisfc.com/soccerpark) in Fenton to referee matches in the SLSG Gallagher Friendlies (http://slsgsoccer.com/tournaments/gallagher-friendlies). I worked three matches, including the middle on a under 13 girls contest. The referee coordinator there gave me a new referee shirt, which I changed into after the first match, which is of the new style and pattern. It feels cooler than the previous one. My legs were tired--these were my first matches since last spring--but am looking forward to more games this fall.

After the matches, I drove up to Mark Twain Hobby Center (http://www.hobby1.com/) in St. Charles to drop off some flyers for this Saturday's IPMS/Gateway show. They had a few already at the front of the store, but the manager was happy to have some more flyers promoting the show.

Today, I was at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (http://www.sngoc.org/) in St. Louis' Central West End for the final day of its 100th annual Greek Festival (http://www.opastl.com/). I stayed briefly, enough for a lunch (gyro and spanakopita) and watching a bit of Greek dance in the auditorium. Still, it was a nice little time.

Back to work tomorrow. Should be busy. The rest of this week will be too.


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